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You'll get satisfaction and quality that's built better than the competition and will last longer, with less maintenance. We provide long last business identity and exposure not just a service!


Our goal is professionalism. We stand by our Service for life. You're not just buying a service, you're making a friend in the business for as long as you need us. We prefer loyalty over bucks.


We're able to offer the best solution for your business at a cost that is lower than our effort because we volunteerly work a lot harder than we get paid for.

"The job is done perfectly neat and instruction was followed beyond expectation. Will hire again.."

"They asked a lot of questions about my perception for a logo and dig in deep before starting my project. This made me realize a lot of things about the brand identity I should be aiming for. I am very pleased with my product brand label and logo."


Three biggest benefits to your company are based on three wise decisions you make


Our goal is to serve you right and creatively represent your business for what its made for. Here at Rizvi Designs, we want to be part of your dream. We want your business to be found just like we made sure you find our company and quite frankly you did! Now allow us to provide your business with the correct corporate identity it needs!

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Actual Logo Design projects executed by Rizvi designs .

Branding is not just about a fancy logo or a cool website but rather a logical strategy and creative thinking which determines how you communicate with your client on a creative and psychological level. Proper branding is how you want the crowd to perceive you which will ultimately determine your client or costumers behavior. Once this is in place then the work of brand identity logo and other creative aspects must kicks in to align with your brand philosophy.

Here at Rizvi Designs, we believe in quality, not quantity, not in more but less is more.  Therefore, we work conceptually with simplicity towards corporate identity success because we strive to do it the right way to hit a bulls-eye on our dart board!